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DAY 1 July 6

Event opens and networking – 12:00

All timings BST


Welcome and Keynote

Welcome: It’s all about the methane – organic wastes, recovery and recycling

Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive, WBA, and David Newman, President, WBA.

The President of COP 26 Alok Sharma has declared this the ‘decade of delivery’. That means it is the decade of AD (Anaerobic Digestion). The climate scientists tell us we have 10 years left to act before we have exhausted the carbon budget. Rising emissions of methane are accelerating the process. Over the first decade in the atmosphere methane is ~85 times more deadly than CO2. To bring the rising emissions of methane under control requires it to be recovered, recycled and reused. AD is the optimal way to achieve this.



Keisuke Sadamori, Acting Deputy Executive Director, International Energy Agency.

Under the IEA’s Sustainable Development Scenario, by 2030, methane emissions are around 70% lower than in 2020. The role of AD in abating this potent greenhouse gas as part of a renewable energy future will be addressed by Mr Sadamori.


Biogas: Pathways to 2030

Dr Nick Primmer, Senior Policy Analyst, WBA, introduces the latest landmark report from WBA, Biogas: Pathways to 2030.

The report delivers a comprehensive and all-inclusive policy blueprint to enable the development of the biogas sector in all nations. At its full potential, biogas production can directly cut greenhouse gas emissions by 10% by treating the 105 billion tonnes of unavoidable methane-emitting organic wastes the world produces each year.

13:30 – 13:45

Coffee Break


De-risking Biogas Project Investments

Chris Maloney, President, Integrated Biogas Alliance & Global Head of Renewables, Zenviro Tech (USA)

Olivier Aubert, Managing Director, SWEN Capital Partners (France).

Francesco Galanzino, CEO, Entsorga FIN (Italy).

5 minute video presentation

Matthias Kerner, Managing Director, bmpGreenGas will be joining the panel discussion to handle the offtaker analysis and input.

The developer, investor, constructor, operator and the offtaker – de-risking biogas investments in a fragmented industry. Hear from a panel of global experts on how the industry is consolidating around key partnerships that drive real value.
Includes a short video.

14:30 – 15:30


Adaptation & Resilience


Biogas – the key to unlocking low carbon food chains

(Chair) Richard Gueterbock, Director, Foodchains.

Andrew Griffiths, Head of Value Chain Sustainability,Nestlé UK&I 

Carlyle Khan & Robert Dysiewic, Deputy General Manager (Acting), Solid Waste Management Services at the City of Toronto and Global Innovation Leader, Future Energy GHD, respectively.

Pawel Kisielewski, CEO, CCm Technologies.

The lifecycle of food has three distinct stages – it is grown, manufactured/diistributed, consumed/ wasted – emitting greenhouse gases (methane and CO2) along the way. These emissions can be minimised, prevented or turned into a carbon neutral process through the deployment of AD and biogas. This panel will present the why and how, and the environmental, social and economic benefits achieved. Followed by a Q&A.


Day 1 close

DAY 2 July 7

Event opens and networking – 12:00

All timings BST



David Newman, President, WBA.



Models for a Just Rural Transition

Around the world sustainable agriculture systems are being developed that deliver resilience for farmers and local communities, protect the health of soils and water and are circular and regenerative. All feature anaerobic digestion and biogas.

(Chair) Thomas Minter, Managing Director, Malaby Biogas AD (UK and Ghana).

Jo Clayton, Director and Imogen Ellis, Consultant, Qube Renewables (India and Kenya).

Jennifer Wardle BA (Hons), BSc. (Hons), MSc., Research PG, University of Aberdeen (Ethiopia).

Marc van Oers, Director of Innovations, Van Iperen (Europe). Phil van Wakeren, CEO, Pure Green Agriculture, introduce GreenSwitch, the natural next step for the biogas industry, to reduce nitrogen emissions and add value to their operations.

14:00 – 15:00




Biomethane – the driving force behind a cleaner planet

Sam Wade, Director of State Regulatory Affairs, Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas, will outline the key mechanisms that have created in California one of the most successful low carbon fuel programmes in the world, and resulted in a biomethane/RNG transport revolution.

Harmen Dekker, Director, European Biogas Association, on the Importance of the inclusion of Bio-CNG and Bio-LNG in all transport modes.

Filippo Munna, Sales Director, & Milosz Szymaniak, Global Sales Manager, Hexagon Agility, on opening access to markets for off-grid producers and to end users.

Zoltan Elek, Founder & Managing Director, Landwärme gmbh, Green Gases in Europe: Challenges in Cross Border Trading.

16:00 – 16:15

Coffee Break



Drew Shindell, Special Representative for Action on Methane, Climate & Clean Air Coalition

Drew Shindell was the lead author on the UNEP/CCAC Global Methane Assessment report. In this session he will introduce the report and how anaerobic digestion and biogas has an immediate role to play in averting catastrophic climate change. Hosted by WBA Chief Executive Charlotte Morton. 

16:45 – 17:00

Coffee Break


The role of data innovation in consolidating AD performance and scale up.

Your KPIs on everything from feedstocks, through process management, to health and safety are critical in a world where data drives investment and improved returns. This panel will present how to measure for success, develop lifecycle assessments and be a catalyst for action.

Robert DiDiodato, VP Business Development, Anessa Biogas Software, will address Predictive Data Analytics in Plant Operation and Project Assessment.

Dr David Styles, Lecturer in Environmental Engineering, University of Limerick, with over 15 years of experience in life cycle assessment (LCA) at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland’s Environmental Protection Agency, and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, will address LCA approaches to AD, that consider diverted waste streams and future emissions impacts within plausible scenarios of deployment.

Emma Greenwood-George, Business Development Strategist, Brimex, on how setting universal standards and training will deliver multi-lateral stakeholder engagement for mass scale up. Drawing on her work in Mexico.


Day 2 close

DAY 3 July 8

Event opens and networking – 12:00

All timings BST



Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive, WBA



The man pioneering biogas development alliances shares the secrets of his team’s success

John Hanselman, founder and CEO, Vanguard Renewables, reveals the secrets of the company’s success in conversation with WBA Chief Executive Charlotte Morton.

Since launching in 2014, Vanguard Renewables has blazed a trail in forging strategic alliances with farm associations, utilities and the food industry including Starbucks and Unilever. The company has rewritten the farm-based biogas production rulebook. 

13:15 – 13:30

Coffee Break


Biogas and Sustainable Finance: Taking a Systems Approach to Funding success

To allow the sector to maximize its impact in achieving the Global Goals, each financing opportunity that includes biogas must be considered in the context of the local systems it serves. Identifying the right capital providers and risk mitigators is not enough. Knowing what each stakeholder expects, why mapping beneficiaries matters, and how the fast-changing green finance landscape intersects is key to harnessing healthy long-term capital. Join our panellists as they compare regional interventions, financial instruments, and issuer landscapes to determine what works and why.

James Vaccaro, CEO, Re:Pattern and Bankers for Net Zero Partner (Chair)

Justin Goldstein, Vice President, Goldman Sachs

Dr Timothy Afful-Koomson, Chief Climate Finance Officer, African Development Bank

Anne Desdoigts, Head of Structuring, PIDG Infrasolutions.



Mayor Alan Webber, City of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Mayor Webber presents a blueprint to finance a clean energy future. Santa Fe obtained the first certified Green Bonds used in the State of New Mexico, USA, to build an anaerobic digester CHP plant at the city’s wastewater treatment plant. Integrated with a solar array, 94% of the facility’s energy needs are now met by renewables. 

15:00 – 16:00


Energy Transitions


Biomethane; today’s transition fuel, tomorrow’s green gold

Expert panel chaired by Dr Keith Simons, Principal Scientist, SHV Energy and Chairman of the WBA Policy Innovation & Technology Committee

A wide-ranging panel addressing the near, medium and long-term role for biomethane in the energy transition. 

Alex Marshall, Group Marketing Manager, Clarke Energy; flexible generation and turning the liability of landfill gas into an asset.

James Rockall, CEO, WLPGA; the emergence of bio-LPG, with the potential to decarbonise a thousand different processes, ranging from cooking to heating, agricultural uses, to industrial applications.

Tej Gidda, Global Leader for Future Energy, GHD; the nexus of biomethane with hydrogen.

Dennis Gubin, Director of Strategy, Antec Biogas; Application of innovative Biofilm Plug-flow reactors for achieving up to 5 times-faster biogas production and building flexible AD plants.

Vincent Vesely, Product Manager Biogas France, Bécot SAS (the sole distributor of Wangen Pumps) Optimising Biogas plant output with innovative WANGEN X-UNIT in the fast-growing French biogas market.

Jonas Klückers, Business Development, microbEnergy, the potential of ex-situ biomethanation.

Kevin Chown, COO, KEW Technology, on the production and use of renewable DME, and its role in decarbonising energy networks worldwide. KEW is commercially deploying groundbreaking technology that converts biomass and waste into energy including electrical power, heat, diesel, jet fuel and renewable hydrogen.


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