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President Joe Biden’s climate bill has given the world hope. The world’s largest economy has put action on climate change at the top of its economic agenda. While representing action on climate, the bill is officially known as the Inflation Reduction Act. The Americans have got it. The business of climate change is the business of the future, a multi-trillion-dollar investment opportunity.

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The bill contains ~$60bn in tax credits for renewable energy, including biomethane (renewable natural gas). The American Biogas Council says the bill “demonstrates that policymakers are starting to understand the vital role biogas plays as Americans become less dependent on fossil fuels”.

Meanwhile, Europe is seeking to turbocharge biogas development to replace Russian gas imports and achieve energy and food security, and tackle methane emissions as a signatory to the global methane pledge. The European Commission has set a target to have biomethane to meet 12% of gas demand by 2030.

Biogas plant construction is now a vital part of China’s ‘rural revitalisation strategy’, driven by an urgent need to replace coal and restore soils through the nutrient management anaerobic digestion enables.

The UN says $4 trillion a year needs to be invested in renewable energy until 2030. It has also called on all nations to come to COP27 in November with stronger plans to achieve net zero, ahead of a global stocktake in 2023. McKinsey report cash invested into sustainable funds now stands at around $2.5trn.

This is a pivotal moment. The transition has started, and the potential of biogas has been recognised across the globe. Now people want to know what the best systems and processes are to harness the dividends this technology delivers.

The World Biogas Expo and Summit 2023 is their one-stop shop to achieving this.

World Biogas Summit 2022

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