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Kathy Puffer

Founder, Biogas Education Hub

Kathy Puffer, the winner of the 2023 Women in Biogas Award sponsored by Biogen, is a Biogas Educator and Consultant.  She is the founder of the Biogas Education Hub, which provides high-quality, affordable courses for people to learn about, design, and install small-scale biogas systems.  Seeing students struggle with one-size-fits-all educational programs, Kathy devised a curriculum to empower learners to determine the appropriate site, size, resources and to care for biodigesters that fit their own unique settings.  In restructuring her curriculum due to the pandemic, Kathy now has a learning program that inspires innovators on five continents to integrate biogas into a holistic design – including enriching their soil, growing food, sequestering carbon, improving sanitation, sparking income production, and more.

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