3rd - 4th JULY 2019 | NEC, BIRMINGHAM, UK | Register now
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Founder & MD, Easy Crypto Hunter

14:00 – 15:15 Biogas 2030: Snapshots of Tomorrow

Joshua Riddett is an award winning entrepreneur and a leading expert in the UK Cryptocurrency space. Founder of Easy Crypto Hunter, the UK’s premium Cryptocurrency hardware provider, Josh has keynoted at major Cryptocurrency, Property, Agriculture and Energy conferences all over the UK. Alongside this, consulting and advising for some of the biggest names in the Cryptocurrency industry and mentoring new companies trying to enter the space. Josh’s achievements have culminated in advisory positions for both the EU Parliament and the UK Home Office. Alongside this Josh has been featured in leading national and global publications. Josh’s honest and transparent approach to Cryptocurrency has established him as the ‘go to guy’ for Cryptocurrency Mining equipment.

Cryptocurrency Mining on Anaerobic Digestion: Up to 60p/kWh.

Easy Crypto Hunter, the UK’s premium hardware provider for the Blockchain and Crypto industry. We educate on the tangible investment opportunities in the space as well as manufacture premium GPU Mining rigs. These machines provide power to the blockchain and are paid a lucrative passive income in return. Last year our clients saw up to121% ROI for corporate clients in 12 months. Real people, real machines, real opportunities. Along with more classical sectors of investors, Easy Crypto now works closely with the UK farming industry helping to diversify British farms to ensure they can be financially stable for future generations. This has led to now having equipment deployed on over 60 renewable energy installations across the country spanning solar, wind, hydro and anaerobic digestion.

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