3rd - 4th JULY 2019 | NEC, BIRMINGHAM, UK | Register now
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Lecturer in Environmental Engineering, University of Limerick, with over 15 years of experience in life cycle assessment (LCA) at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland’s Environmental Protection Agency,

Topic: LCA approaches to AD, that consider diverted waste streams and future emissions impacts within plausible scenarios of deployment.

Environmental scientist and life cycle assessment (LCA) analyst, based in School of Engineering, University of Limerick. Specialised in environmental foot-printing and consequential LCA of bio-based systems, especially food and bioenergy. Lead and contribute to research projects spanning topics from dairy production, legume cropping systems and micro-brewed beer, through cascading use of timber and net zero carbon land management, to the water-energy nexus. Teach modules on engineering for net zero carbon, the circular economy and soils for engineers.

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