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Angela Bywater

Environmental Biotechnology Network Co-manager, University of Southampton

Angela is joint manager of the BBSRC Environmental Biotechnology Network (formerly the AD Network), a research project which has more than 1300 academic and industry members. She has spent more than 20 years working in the field of anaerobic digestion, with involvement in numerous projects/publications, including the EPSRC ‘AI for AD’ project, the International Energy Agency, academic journals and the Royal Agricultural Society of England, including the recent RASE Farm of the Future report series. She also co-owned Methanogen UK who manufactured small farm and micro-scale anaerobic digesters. Projects include LEAP’s micro-AD project near London’s Kings’ Cross, a ‘dog do gas lamp digester’ and other community projects. For more than a decade, she has run her own urban household digester.  As part of the University’s ‘Circular Bioeconomy’ team, she helped demonstrate a solar-powered mobile digester and science activities to thousands of people. She is an academic member on the Advisory Board of the Anaerobic Digester and Bioresources Association (ADBA).


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